About Us

Welcome to American Muscle Car Restorations, Inc.


Classic cars have been a lifelong family hobby and passion. In 2010, I officially opened American Muscle Car Restorations in a brand new, state-of-the-art restoration facility that I personally designed and built especially catering to the restoration process. Our facility is divided into specific departments to allow each aspect of a restoration to be isolated. These departments include mechanical and assembly, metal fabrication and body work, paint application and interior component. We are a full service restoration facility that controls all aspects of restoration in-house, ensuring premium quality control.

Our business model for restoration includes lasting quality, impeccable detail, and assembly line correctness. Other restoration companies may be able to build a beautiful car, but at American Muscle Car Restorations our restorations are built at a higher level. In order to build a car that is assembly line correct and a faithful representation of what it once was takes careful research and understanding of original processes, plant variances and an understanding of the differences between reproduction parts, incorrect NOS parts and correct assembly line parts. This differentiation between our restorations and others are exemplified in the finished product. We are very proud to hold the reputation as a leader in restorations showing this high level of detail.

We present our restorations at a national level to showcase our commitment to quality and detail. Many of our finished restorations are presented and displayed on automobile lifts to illuminate all aspects of our restorations that otherwise would be hidden during ordinary display. No detail is too small and wish for all of our efforts to be visible for all to see and appreciate the great lengths it has taken to create a truly stunning restoration.

Creating automotive masterpieces is our goal and our passion. I thank you for your interest and if you would like to learn more about our restoration services, please do not hesitate to call, email or schedule a shop tour.


Michael L. Mancini